“Thanks to Jon and Jenna and their Smart Life Fitness program, I feel amazing!! I finally feel like I am myself again, but even better. They had faith in me and chose me to complete this 3 month challenge to completely change my lifestyle and it was a success. They are extremely knowledgeable of the human body’s abilities and I always learned something great from them in every assessment. It was even therapeutic, as they knew what I was going through. This was not an easy transition for me. In my past, I was very active and if I got a little out of shape, it would take no time to snap back and tighten up. Not so much the case after 2 years of the real world. In college I had so much free time to get in a workout or walk several miles a day to and from classes. Then, transitioned into getting a full-time sedentary job where I took full advantage of my lunch breaks and weekends with fun, food and social time. There was no self-discipline.  I was living to eat at that time. I was stuck in a rut between social life, work life and fit life. Social won every time. I needed Jon and Jenna. They came in just in time and taught me the ways of meal prep and balance while keeping me accountable (so necessary). These three months have flown by but without a hitch! I would say the 2nd month was the hardest. Cutting out alcohol and sugar was intense. I was legit detoxing, mood swings and all. Of course, they were so supportive! The 3rd month was amazing. I quickly saw all of the hard work we had put into my program, nutrition and exercise! I am forever grateful for their faith and dedication. I couldn’t have gotten here without them. I will continue to live this new lifestyle, not because it’s now “easy” but because it’s necessary and I know I can make the effort.”

Danielle Harwood (Free Total Client Transformation Winner):
Danielle lost a total of 15.5 pounds and reduced her Body Fat 5.5%

“My name is Tim Harben. I am a 50 year old male who had not done any significant exercise in 25 years. I was truly a gym novice! I desired to become more healthy and physically conditioned. Under the careful guidance of Jonathan Phillips, I lost 13 pounds, reduced my waist size by 4 inches, lost 5% body fat, and became noticeably more muscular.

Jonathan is an exceptional personal trainer, not just because of what he does, but more importantly how he does it. Jonathan unquestionably has the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals. Additionally though Jonathan adapts his training program and style to meet the unique needs of his individual clients.

I did not want or need a “drill Sargent.” Jonathan was for me a guide, an expert friend, a coach in the best sense of the word. He challenged me significantly, but he was always there to give a little “help” if I could not do something. He taught me not just how to exercise safely, efficiently, and effectively, but also WHY I was doing it. He taught me as well as trained me.

As a not-so-young “newbie,” I had several frustrating bouts with knotting muscles. Jonathan taught me how to quickly recover form these and minimize them in the future. Candidly if I would have been on my own I probably would have quit or unnecessarily gone to the doctor. If I came in hurting, he would adjust the session to help me resolve the problem and continue my training.

I would HIGHLY recommend Jonathan as a personal trainer. He is a professional who genuinely cares for his clients and gives them the tools that we need to meet our health goals in all the aspects of our lives.”

Timothy J. Harben, D.Min:

“I am 68 years old and a retired educator. I decided to focus on health and fitness in retirement, mainly because I love to travel and I want to continue this hobby and be healthy enough to enjoy it for a long time.

My personal trainer, Jonathon Phillips, is helping me to work towards this goal. Jonathon has been very professional, encouraging, complimentary and focused while working with me. I have slowly but steadily been losing weight and body fat under his direction. For the first time, my arms are showing definition and muscles through strength training. In addition, I have lots of energy, I am changing my eating habits and increasing my daily activity levels.

I am excited about my results and the progress I am making toward my goals. This is largely due to Jonathon Phillips and his ability to focus on my particular training and fitness needs.”

Laura West:

“Jenna created an online training plan that fit MY personal goals. She was a constant mentor and
motivator. Jenna even included pictures and explanations for things I couldn’t quite understand. If you are looking for a trainer that is consistent and programs that are personalized, Jenna is your girl!”

Morgan Lothridge:

“Jenna has been my personal trainer for the past few months now, and I can honestly say I have never felt stronger or healthier. The results I have achieved are phenomenol and are largely due to Jenna’s perfect combination of individualized exercise and nutrition training. Her professionalism, extensive knowledge, and enthusiastic committment to her work and ultimately her clients provides the perfect scenario for success and sets the foundation for a new healthier lifestyle.”

Sumata Bhimani:

“I started training with Jonathon in February 2014. I must say it has been an amazing experience. Jonathan is a phenomenal Trainer. He is patient, understanding and very thorough. I am so appreciative for all that Jonathon has done in helping me make much needed lifestyle changes. Training with Jonathon has not only resulted in a transformation of the body, but also a transformation of the mind, spirit and soul. I highly recommend Jonathon to everyone that is looking to better their way of living and also how they look at fitness. Thank you so much Jonathon for changing my life!”

Latrice Mack:

I have been training with Jonathon for a year now and have seen significant improvement in my fitness and overall health. Smart Life Fitness is a comprehensive program which tracks your nutrition as well as your fitness and weight loss. I am amazed at how much Jonathon really knows about every part of the program. He designs and implements a personal plan based on your own body and your goals. The workouts are prepared to challenge you and they take you through the various muscle groups in a very calculated order. Jonathon walks you through each exercise and also has videos of them available on the website. He stays on top of your progress and is 100% dedicated to your success. He will hunt you down if you miss a meeting or workout 🙂 He is the perfect kind of coach that keeps you educated and motivated. I highly recommend the program!!

Scott Murphy:
Scott lost a total of 14 pounds and reduced his Body Fat 5.5%

“Since training with Jonathon, my walking has improved 100%. I have increased my strength and balance drastically which has given me confidence that I haven’t felt since my surgery. In the past I would use my cane for any movement. Now I am able to get around without it, only relying on it in long distance situations.”

Mary White:

Meet Tim Smith. Tim is the director of the Laural Springs Community Tennis Program. He began his journey in May of 2016 with the goal of losing 50lbs while increasing functionality and athleticism. He has done all of that and so much more. Because Tim executed his Smart Life Fitness Program with exceptional consistency he has transformed the health of his internal systems and lifestyle as much as his outward appearance.

Stats (8 month progress) 52 yrs old
-WT: 209 / 159 (50lb weight loss)
-%BF: 29 / 19 (10% Body Fat loss)
-Waist: 42 / 34.5 (7.5″ loss)
-Hip: 44 / 39.5 (4.5″ loss)
-Flexibility: 15.5 / 22 (6.5″ increase)
-VO2: 28 / 41 (13 ml/kg/min increase)
-Push Up: 12 / 40 (28 rep increase)
-60 second Squat Test: 17 / 47 (30 rep increase)
-30 degree Curl Up Test: 0 / 23 (23 rep increase)
-+1 Burpee Test: 5 / 15 (10 round increase(from 15reps to 120reps)

Meet Ying Yu Lee. She has been with Smart Life Fitness for 4 months. She is an incredibly hard worker with a refreshingly positive deposition. She started her own business in China and has since sold that very successful business and moved to the US. She has been in the states for only two years and has already developed her english well enough to understand a country boy like me, while coaching an intense session!

Progress Report (Age 42) October/January
Weight: 147 / 138
% BF: 27.5 / 23
Flexibility: 17 / 21.75
Waist: 34 / 31.5
Hip: 39 / 38.25
Push Up (knees): 7 / 32
60sec Curl Up: 4 / 24
60sec Squat: 28 / 47
+1 Burpee : 6 / 11 (total reps: 21 / 66)

Congratulations to newlywed Brooke Collins! In case you all forgot, Brooke was the winner of our FREE training and nutrition coaching giveaway. Coincidentally, when Brooke won she was also just a few short weeks away from saying “I do”! In just 4 weeks, Brooke lost a total of 12 pounds working with Smart Life Fitness!! Congratulations, Brooke! We are SO proud of your accomplishments and wish you a lifetime of happiness as a Mrs.

I started working with Jenna at a time when I was just hoping to make adjustments to my everyday lifestyle. Maybe pick up some healthier eating habits and refresh the few workouts I was already doing. Three months later, I committed to a whole year of working with Jenna and that year changed my life! I saw so many wonderful results in many aspects of my life.  I was losing fat and inches, gaining muscle, making much better choices about what I put in my body, and during our weekly meetings Jenna helped me find ways to manage stress and organize parts of my life so I could achieve the goals that we set up together. She encouraged me to push myself and helped me feel empowered in the gym even though she was states away! I loved feeling like everything was at my convenience and that I had someone cheering for me even if it was through text, Skype or Facetime. Jenna and the Smart Life Fitness team truly do offer a personalized full lifestyle plan.



-Jesi Kay Alpernin